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  • Janna Yeo

    Have recently attended Angie CTD class and it’s very eye-opening and interesting. Angie makes the whole course so fun and lively throughout. I’ve enjoyed myself so much and also learn a lot not just about AC but also about myself. I’m glad I followed my instinct and choose to join her class to learn and experience more about AC. Really is no regrets and I’m looking forward to attend more of her classes in time to come.

  • Jeannie Teo

    Thankful, Fruitful, Blessed are just the few things I learnt in Connecting the Dots Advance class. With Angie's guidance and the lovely energies from my fellow classmates, I felt my sights in the spiritual world grew bigger and stronger.Learn that self healing is much more important as only by healing yourself can you then heal others, be it human or animals.I managed to receive my beautiful garden of peace, beauty and with amazing aura in it. Meeting my guide and receiving new gifts of knowledge broadens my mind to appreciate my gifts.Thank you from the bottom of my heart Angie for the AMAZING lesson, not short of laughter and tears of relief and joy for some of us. Stay healthy and jiayou on your journey!

  • Tan Kok Leong

    Attended AC class recently. Great experiences. Step by step guides and practices to get into conditions. Accompanied by kelly(dog) and Smochi(cat) made the whole class mood so much better.Recommended.......

  • Felcia Ang

    Thankful, grateful and fortunate to attend Angie’s AC class from my friend’s recommendation. Angie’s AC class is truly an eye opening for me as she teaches us to be positive, to heal our inner and outer self. Angie did Angelic Reiki Healing for me as well as she realised that I have been going through a rough patch recently. Felt really lifted and light after the session. During the second day of class, I felt really Energize and charged and able to pick up more readings together with my lovely classmates. This is truly and eye opening opportunity as it allows me to learn more different knowledge and skills. Thank you Angie

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