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Feeling frustrated by your pet's behavior? Contemplating difficult decisions as a pet owner? Allow us to assist you in connecting with them for insights or closure. Let us be your compass on the journey to a stronger bond with your pet.

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What is Animal Communication?

Want to communicate with your pet?

Each of us possesses an innate ability to communicate with sentient beings, and 7th Bridge is dedicated to nurturing that skill. Choose a class and let us guide you toward a deeper connection with your pet.

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  • Eileen Soh

    Angie came over to my place and communicate with my 3 lovebirds and my bunny before I go for my holiday. Amazing parts are, Angie was able to spot on each fur kids' character and what they like. What type of environment and the colour of the other boarding bunny looks like which my bun claims as his friend and yes that bunny was just next to my bun’s play pen. This is not the 1st time I engage a communicator to speak to my kids and I find Angie was really communicating with them. Angie also helps to cleanse and heal my energy. I’m grateful that I get a chance to see Angie and engage her service . It’s worth the time and money. Angie thank you for your time.

  • Josephine

    FUN! FUN! FUN! Angie is extremely open to imparting her wisdom and knowledge; no matter your background, if you have learnt anything from anywhere else, or if you are skeptical or not.Classes are welcoming, comfortable and warmth, like a family. It is not creepy like what some might think and are skills we can apply to our daily lives, good virtues to practise on a day-to-day basis.These are classes where you would come again and again, even if you have nothing in mind to learn (but you might at the end of the day), just to experience a safe, calm space.If you are seeking something along this journey, try engaging Angie, b'cos why not?!

  • Felicia Ang

    Thankful, grateful and fortunate to attend Angie’s AC class from my friend’s recommendation. Angie’s AC class is truly an eye opening for me as she teaches us to be positive, to heal our inner and outer self. Angie did Angelic Reiki Healing for me as well as she realised that I have been going through a rough patch recently. Felt really lifted and light after the session. During the second day of class, I felt really Energize and charged and able to pick up more readings together with my lovely classmates. This is truly and eye opening opportunity as it allows me to learn more different knowledge and skills.

  • Dorothea

    We met Angie at santapaws, engaging her for a 15 mins dog reading session. We provided her with a set of questions and our dog pic. She could get into our dog's life and read about baby Mocha accurately. Now we know his likes and could take care of him better as new paw parents. Thanks Angie for the short and meaningful session.

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